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Collection, Classification and Notification ...
Our service provides its subscribers with information about tenders. Subscribers can specify which Region and Industry category is relevant to their business, and based on this classification profile, Indotender sends its subscribers matching tenders. This is how it works :
Tenders are collected  every morning from all regions of Indonesia and using on-line software entered into a central database.
Tenders are classified according to their region (the place where the service/product is required) and their industry (the industry category of the service/product required).
Subscribers are notified daily by e-mail and/or facsimile of tenders matching their classification profile. Also, this notification and other tender information is available to subscribers at this web-site.
A practical and effective model for providing businesses with new opportunities and markets.

Remote tender entry nation-wide. Our research team is based throughout Indonesia seeking business leads.

PT Indotender provides a national coverage of all Indonesian-related tenders published by the local, provincial and central government, and national and international businesses and agencies.

The tender information collected involves a range of announcements including, but not limited to, Requests for Information (RFIs), Expressions of Interest (EOIs), and Call for Tenders (CFTs).

The sources used to acquire these announcements include: local and national newspapers; government, public and private web-sites, and direct contact with local and national government bodies and private businesses.


Classifying tenders to match the specific requirements of subscribers.

Both tenders and subscribers are classified according to their region and industry. By maintaining these classifications our service is able to match tenders with subscribers, thus ensuring that subscribers only receive relevant tenders - relevant to where they can provide their service/product and to what service/product they can provide.

Subscribers can nominate more than one contact to receive e-mail notification, and each contact can have a personalised classification profile. A large company, for example, comprising several divisions, could include each division manager as a "contact", each with a personalised classification profile according to their respective divisions and requirements.

A solution for open, timely and relevant tender notification.

The tenders are dispatched daily - to ensure timely delivery. They are sent via e-mail and/or facsimile and, as a subscriber, these notifications and other tender information can be accessed directly from this web-site (

Tenders entered into the system are divided into their principle parts so that when published in an e-mail, facsimile or on the web-site, each part is clearly visible and labelled accordingly. These parts include Tender Issuer, Contact Details, Pre-Meeting Information and Tender Details.

The e-mail can be formatted in either HTML or plain TEXT, and included at the beginning of the e-mail is a table-of-contents which comprises (and is sorted by) tender close date/time and brief description of all tenders sent. Where HTML format is nominated this table-of-contents is hyper-linked for quick access to listed tenders.

To see a sample of an e-mail report that will be sent to you, please click HERE.
To obtain sample reports for your industry and region please go to our VISITORS page.

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