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What services do you offer?
  We offer two services: 1) Tender Notification Service where subscribers receive detailed listings and notification of upcoming tender and project information depending on what industry and region they select. Subscribers receive this information either by e-mail, facsimile, or they can access our website database; and 2) Advertise Tenders where anyone can advertise tender or project information through our website and e-mail. This information will then be sent to all our clients who provide the products or services requested. This service is free.
Will Indotender's services provide more information than my usual business development resources?
  Indotender has established a nation-wide infrastructure to ensure that all business opportunities are resourced. This infrastructure uses an on-line wide-area-network which enables us to deliver resourced information to you every morning. In this respect, our service provides a broader base of information.
Can your service assist us to control and monitor our business development team?
  Our service includes facilities for multiple recepients from one company, so every morning managers and their development teams can receive our published reports. This enables managers to cross check new business opportunities with their development teams on a daily basis.
In a large organisation, which has a number of divisions focusing on different market segments, how do we determine who receives the notification, and how do we select the classification?
  When a large organisation registers to receive notification, the software provides a facility for entering multiple contacts each with a unique industrial and geographical profile.
How do you avoid duplicate entry of tenders as they appear in many different mediums – newspapers, web-sites, publications?
  The software is equiped with a ‘de-duplication’ facility where a range of key components of a tender are indexed and may be searched to avoid duplication.
How does the classification of industries work with regard Indonesia?
  The software provides an edit facility for maintaning lists of industry and geographical types. In the Indonesian case this list is based on relevant sections of the Klasifikasi Lapangan Usaha (KLU).
What features do I get as a subscriber?
  As a subscriber you can: Get a report by email or fax, listing all the tender and project details (relevant to the industry and region you have chosen); access through our website, all the email/fax reports you have received in the past, as well as search the database for tenders (relevant to the industry and region you have chosen) by different parameters; and access through our website, all past closed tenders (in all industries and regions). This allows you to see the amount of projects currently active in different industries than what you have chosen. For open tenders, you can only search in the industry and regions chosen in your subscription.
What are the benefits of becoming a subscriber?
  Receive information directly on your desktop, by our email/fax reports. If you are busy, you don't have to search the website database; you can access and search all the information through our website database, just in case you are not able to access your email/fax; receive accurate information: You will only receive tenders relevant to your business, which will save you time, money, and resources; discover new international and national business opportunities in any industry or geographic region that you choose; greater access for SMEs, leading to their increased participation; multiple recipients can receive the same or different industry and region categories; and we are an extremely strong addition to your research efforts to find new projects for your business.
What sources do you get your tender and project information from?
  We have research teams located all over Indonesia constantly researching and gathering tender and project information. These teams consist of experienced professionals, and they seek business projects in all industries and regions. Our research sources include: 1) media: we cover all tender information in all newspapers all over Indonesia; 2) we cover tender information from over 100 websites and online media from government departments and agencies, private corporations, public agencies and institutions; 3) our research teams gather project information directly from government departments and agencies, private corporations, public agencies and institutions. We work together with all our sources to get information directly from them on upcoming projects. We are now increasing our database of tenders from private companies all over Indonesia; and 4) our Advertise Tenders service allows companies all over the world and Indonesia to submit a tender/project advertisement. This service is growing as more companies go to our website and directly submit an advertisement for a project they are planning and need to look for suppliers for products and services.
I only want to receive tender/project information about projects that are not yet publicly announced, is that possible?
  Our research teams are working very hard to get you all the project information relevant to your business - so you can choose from all the options.
Do I get an email or fax report every day?
  Subscribers will get an email or fax report every day that there is a tender or project listing matching the industry and region you have chosen. Our research teams strive to get you business information every day.
How do I become a subscriber?
  You can fill out a subscription form on our website and fax or send it to us. Or you can call any of our Account Managers at 0822-9494-9392.
What are the benefits of posting a tender advertisement in your system?
  International and national exposure; timely and accurate delivery; source new suppliers that you didn't have access to before; increased competition to provide products or services for your business, thus leading to better innovation and value for money; greater access for SMEs, leading to their increased participation; more open and transparent.
How do I post a tender advertisement into you system?
  You can post a tender advertisement on our website, Or you can contact our Product department on 0822-9494-9392.
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